The Dinosaur Place is Fun!


We wanted to do some fun things with Baby Boy this summer. Now that he is 4, we have more options  He is really into dinosaurs right now. His favorite TV shows are Dino Dan and Dinosaur Train.  So, I thought it would be cool to go somewhere with a focus on dinosaurs.

My first thought was to take him to a museum of natural history that has dinosaur fossils. But then I found The Dinosaur Place!! It seemed like the perfect place to go.

Here’s why:

  • Over 40 Life-Sized Dinosaurs on 1.5 miles of pristine nature trails
  • New England’s largest Splashpad
  • A fun maze and a slide through the mouth of a T-Rex
  • A Bouncy House
  • Monty’s Playground


Even though it was a hot summer day, we were comfortable throughout our time there.  The trail is flat and wide with lots of trees that shade the path.


The splash pad was so fun and refreshing after our walk through the trails.  Since there is no depth to the water, it is a safe place for even the youngest dino lover.  The staff make sure the kids are following the rules, which is basically no running in the splash pad.  Since it’s not a pool, you can wear regular clothes, great for me since I’m not comfortable wearing a bathing suit.

The maze was pretty challenging.  Baby Boy runs pretty quickly, so there were a few times that I turned the wrong way.  He thought it was fun to lose mommy. Since the walls are raised, you can see the little feet and there is also an observation deck where you can look down on the maze. Daddy liked that feature since it was easier than chasing Baby Boy.

The bouncy house and the playground kept him quite busy while mommy and daddy sat and rested for a little while.

One of the great things is that they allow food and drinks to be brought in to the park.  I packed snacks, sandwiches, water bottles and juice boxes. Since we got there around lunch time, we ate as soon as we got there. They also have a snack station, which sells fountain drinks, chips, pretzels, and simple meals like burgers, hot dogs and pizza. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but it was convenient to be able to purchase some food without leaving the park.

Overall, it was a fun experience. Baby Boy was so excited to see all of the dinosaurs and it was great to see them as they looked in real life.  The facilities were clean and well maintained, and the staff were friendly, professional and courteous.

I would recommend this place for children younger than 12 years old but I think any age can have fun, I did!


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