First Phone Meeting With WGU Student Mentor

Talking on the phone is not my favorite thing to do. I don’t know why I have so much hesitation about it. As a school secretary, I spend a very large portion of my day on the phone and it doesn’t bother me at all but ask me to call someone and I think of a million other things I can do before I make that phone call. This is one of the main reasons why I really debated applying to Western Governors University (WGU). As part of the program, you are assigned a student mentor that follows you throughout your college program until graduation. The school requires that you speak to your student mentor at least once a week for your first term, which is 6 months. After that, the frequency can go down to every other week.

And the phone conversations begin…

“So tell me a little about yourself.” This was one of her first sentences. I thought “I feel like I’m on a first date.”. To my surprise and relief, she said out loud what I had just thought. She sensed my feeling of awkwardness about her statement and quickly put me at ease! Yep, this is a good match.

My mentor’s name is Beth. She seems like a really nice person and is easy to talk to. Her voice is very upbeat and peppy. There was a genuineness when she explained that her role is to help her students succeed. Her main job is to help with any questions or concerns I may have about school. She is both a coach and a cheerleader. I’ve never had either since I never played any sport on an actual team but I know that this will be good. I understand why the school added this feature. Being an online student can be lonely. Yes, you can interact with other students through the forums but there is something about speaking and listening to someone that makes it more real. Especially when that person’s ultimate goal is the same as yours – to get to graduation!

Our next appointment is in one week. At that time we will discuss my class schedule and talk more about each class. I look forward to the many conversations we will have. Since she has been in the education field for several years and has taught many different grades, I know that I will gain some great tips and advice along the way.

How do you feel about talking on the phone? Does the idea of speaking to a mentor on a regular basis intimidate or annoy you? Would that be enough to keep you from applying to WGU?





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