His First 5K at 5 Years Old!


His First 5K

On Saturday, my 5 year old son and I participated in a 5K fun run. The Bubble Run is held at different locations throughout the United States. This is not a timed race so there is no competition. It is just for fun but you definitely get a workout especially when your child asks to be carried!!


So why would anyone want to participate in this run?

  • It’s a good way to introduce and get your children excited about running.
  • It’s a fun outdoor activity.
  • It’s a fun family event.
  • It gives you an excuse to let loose and act silly! (Seriously, I wore a tutu.)



What should I bring with me?

  • If you have little ones that can’t walk the entire 3.2 miles, BRING A STROLLER!!
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Be aware that they will get stained from the colored bubbles.
  • Goggles, sunglasses or any other type of eye protection.
  • A water bottle.
  • A small towel to wipe faces after going through each bubble station.
  • A fanny pack or drawstring bag to carry your phone, keys, money, etc.
  • Money for parking and to purchase snacks and Bubble Run merchandise.
  • LOTS of energy!! Once you finish the race, there is an after party with MORE bubbles.
  • A camera or your phone with plenty of memory to take pictures. Trust me you will want to take tons!

This was my second 5K and I must say that even though it was not a timed race, it was still a challenge. It took about 1 hour to complete the course (without shortcuts). My main reason for signing up for this race was to show my son that running can be fun. Mission accomplished!



IMG_2221Have you done a 5K with your kids? Did you like it? Was it a “fun run” or a serious race? Would you do it again? What advice would you give for participating in a race with your children?


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