Finished My First WGU Term!


I DID IT!!! I finished my first term at WGU!!

To be totally honest and I am not saying this to brag but I actually finished my first term right before Thanksgiving!! Yep. I finished my required courses about 3 months early!

My required courses for my first term were:

  • C 457 – Foundations of College Math (completed in 5 weeks)
  • C272 – Foundational Perspectives of Education (completed in 2 weeks)
  • C181 – Survey of United States Constitution and Government (completed in 5 weeks)
  • C458 – Health, Fitness and Wellness (completed in 5 days!)

Once I completed my required courses, I was able to accelerate courses by moving courses from my first semester to my second semester. I thought I would be able to accelerate 2-3 more courses but that didn’t happen. Why you ask?

Well, it was the holidays, so it was hard to concentrate on school work with all of the events!

I think another thing that slowed down my momentum was the fact that I KNEW I had met my requirements for the term. I felt like the pressure was off so there was no need to hustle!

After Christmas, I did get back into schoolwork and finished C460 Math for Elementary Educators in about 4 weeks. I did it, I accelerated my first class! Like my mentor said: “It’s like getting a FREE class!”

Right after I finished that Math course, I went right into the next one because I wanted to keep the math brain going 🙂 So, I started C461 Math for Elementary Educators 2 at the end of January. I could have bumped it into my first term, but I am not 100% confident, so I didn’t want to take a chance of failing it with only a couple of weeks left in my term. My mentor agreed that I should wait to take the final exam as soon as my new term starts.

My second term officially begins tomorrow March 1st. I hope to take the final exam for C461 this weekend, which means I am starting off my second term with one class down! My next class, that I am already working on, is C375 Survey of World History. This is my first course where I will be submitting tasks into TaskStream. Instead of a final proctored exam, I have to submit 5 tasks. After speaking to a course mentor, I am actually less anxious about submitting to TaskStream.

These are my courses for my second term:

  • C461 – Math for Elementary Educators 2
  • C375 – Survey of World History
  • C462 – Math for Elementary Educators 3
  • C451 – Integrated Natural Science

Once I am done with those 4 courses, I can bring in some additional courses. And the best part is that since I work for a school, I will have a lot of time to get through these during Spring and Summer Breaks!!

I am so happy that I made the decision to get my degree through WGU! I don’t think I could study at any college or university. WGU is truly the BEST!!


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