Hi, and welcome to Savvy Wendy. I’m so glad you’re visiting!

I’m Wendy and this blog is dedicated to finding simple ways of enjoying life and documenting it along the way.

As a busy full-time working wife and mom, spending quality time with my family is very important to me. My goal for this blog is to find fun and affordable ways to enjoy time with family and friends, and easy ways to document it.

Giving back is also important to me. How many times have you received an email or letter asking for a donation to a charity? Many of these organizations have a mission I believe in and I want to support, but contributing a monetary gift is not always possible. So, I will be exploring different ways of contributing to those organizations and causes and letting you know how you can help the causes you believe in, even if money is tight.

By using a planner(s) to organize my life, making photo albums, journaling and reading some really good books, I hope to make the most out of life and leave a legacy for generations to come.

The Lord has given me one life to live and I want to live it to the fullest, while bringing Him glory. I don’t want to waste one more moment!

“So teach us to number our days,
That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.” ~ Psalm 90:12

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25 Random Facts About Me

1. Favorite drink? Arizona Iced Tea

3. Favorite food? Pizza

4. Favorite book? Horton Hatches the Egg ~ Dr. Suess

5. Favorite color? Purple (any shade)

6. Pets? Yes, an elderly terrier mix named Ellie Mae

7. Married? Yes, to my best friend.

8. Kids? Yes, I have 2 sons and a step daughter.

10. Siblings? Yes, 3 brothers.

11. Favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving.

12. Do you speak any other languages? Yes, Spanish (and a little Portuguese).

13. Have you ever traveled outside of the U.S.? No. I lived in Puerto Rico for 3 years (9-12 years old) but since that is a territory of the U.S, it doesn’t count.

14. Favorite music? Praise and worship. Current favorite Lauren Daigle

15. Favorite movie? Dumb and Dumber (and almost anything with Jim Carrey)

16. Favorite TV show? The Office (U.S. version)

17. PC or Mac? Mac all the way! I own an iphone, ipad, and a MacBook

18. How tall are you? 5’3″ (I think)

19. Favorite city? New York City

20. Favorite place in the world? My house

21. Can you cook? Yes! I love to cook, I just wish I had more time to do it. I do not like to bake.

22. Favorite job? Working at the library.

23. Weirdest pet? I had a pet goat when I was 10. Best pet ever!

24.What country would you like to visit? Israel

25. Phobias? I am afraid of spiders and bees. I’m also afraid of driving through country roads at night.

I love acting silly!

I love acting silly!



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